The expected results of the project are:

  • A preparatory meeting in Athens (25 Greek participants) opening the dialogue between Greek trade unions, employers, experts etc on new challenges for information and consultation.
  • Transnational workshop in Paris (25 participants) with the participation of employees’ and employers’ representatives from participating countries. During the transnational workshop, will be discussed the challenges that emerge regarding information and consultation, which derive from changes in work organisation, technology, environmental policies and data protection. Further to this, the participants will agree on detailed project activities and tools: organisation of bilateral workshops and development of the online repository with tips, recommendations and case studies. Simultaneous interpretation in French, English and Greek will be available.
  • Two bilateral workshops/discussion groups in Bulgaria and Italy with the participation of Greek delegation. Consecutive interpretation in Bulgarian/ Greek and Italian/Greek will be available respectively.
  • 3 case studies per country (Greece, Italy, France and Bulgaria) that will present and analyse real situations of new challenges on information and consultation in the partners’ countries.
  • Online repository with capacity building materials, tips, recommendations and case studies. The repository will include all project products and will be available in English, French, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.
  • A final transnational conference in Athens
  • Project website and dissemination of project outcomes.